Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bugout Bag; The Basics

This list is very basic and contains only the bare minimums for a Bugout bag. I made
this list to give people a general idea of the things they should have in their Bugout bag.

1. Food - General items like Beef jerky, trail mix and power bars

2. Water - Carry a 2 litre bottle with your bug out bag and be sure to pick up a ECH2O
                  water bottle as you will need one when you run out of water.

3. Medicine - Things like Ibuprofen, allergy pills, vitamins and others you may want or
                        need to have with you in the event of an emergency

4. Hygiene - Hand Sanitizer, Wet-Towellettes, Rubbing Alcohol, Neosporin etc.

5. Navigation - A map of your region + a larger map possibly of your country and a compass

6. Light - LED flash light and back up batteries. LED flash lights are great because they are
                 really bright and last for a very long time. Aurora Fire Starter for heat and cooking

7. Weapons - Firearm(s) and a knife

8. Clothing - Pack a second set of clothes appropriate to the area you live in, dont forget
                      extra socks and underwear. Extra pair of shoes/boots

9. Tools - The Crovel

10. Shelter - At the very least carry a tarp with you or get yourself a 1 man tent.

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