Saturday, January 7, 2012

Forty Knots

Ultimate Survival Multi-Tool, The Crovel


This amazing item offers the functions of over 13 tools! 
This is the newest design of the Crovel (Extreme II) Very cool! This is a must have item.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Vancouver Seed Bank

 If you are a local to Vancouver and are interested in buying seeds I would recommend checking out the Vancouver seed bank. It's location is 872 East Hastings St, Vancouver, BC, Canada

They have a huge selection of seeds such as:
         Marijuana, Tobacco, Poppy, Entheogenic, Cacti, Herb, Flower, Vegetable, Fruit, and Hemp.

Inexpensive Gardening Tools.

This is a list of Gardening tools that I have compiled which are both durable and affordable

You can pick up all these great items for about $130!
All of these tools except for the dibber can be found at your local Home Depot.


Bronco Garden Hoe $12.99

Rockforge Mattock Pick $24.99

Fiskars Aluminum Trowel $6.99

Bronco Bow Rake $12.99

Wiss Utility Snips/Shears $9.99

Century Watering Can $9.74

1000FT String Line $12.99

Bronco Square Point Shovel $12.99

4" Inch Dibber $12.99